changing places

i’m starting to take over the whole house with my arty endeavours. a few weeks ago I realised we weren’t really using one of the rooms in our house – a front lounge room that we’d overhauled a couple of times, but because there’s no tv aerial in there it was largely ignored. we solved the tv issue by signing in to Netflix on the smarter-than-me tv.

oh glorious Netflix. what did we do before your existence?

so having the use of the front lounge freed up our family room. and the brain-cogs began a-whirring.  i was finding my current studio to be claustrophobic. it used to be a spare room, and little by little, the spare room junk was starting to creep in again. plus, one corner of the room housed a giant coat rack treadmill and my gym equipment, leaving little room to swing either of the cats. not that I would of course. unless I want to have my face ripped off. which I don’t.

i made puppy dog eyes at my long-suffering, beardy husband and he agreed to help me switch rooms. most of it was done in one day. except for that bastard coat rack treadmill. that took us a lot longer to move, and neither of us escaped without injury.

my old studio is now ‘the crib’, where the children go to watch tv, play the Wii, eat crap and leave the wrappers everywhere. in theory, hubby plays his guitar in there too, but I don’t think he gets much of a look in. the grainy, rubbish picture above is my new space. i kept one of the couches so i have a sketching nook (when the dog isn’t hogging it), my floor and table easels have a home again, and everything is within reach.

Who am I kidding? This is the dog's couch. She sometimes lets me sit on it.
who am I kidding? this is the dog’s couch. she sometimes lets me sit on it.
Current work.
current work.

which means i have no excuses not to paint every day, right?


4 thoughts on “changing places

  1. Long-suffering, beardy husband won’t be moving anything else around the house for a long while, you’d better make that spot your own now or else! :-p

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