About Jay

Hi, I’m Jay, chief flinger of paint at la maison de Watkins.

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

I am mum, wife to this beardy guy, crazy cat lady, vegan, mixed media artist, dreadlocked, bipolar, servant to a 40 kg Ridgeback/Rottweiler X who is convinced she’s a lapdog, believer, spoonie, writer, animal rights advocate, art journaller, supply junkie, journal hoarder, hermit, reluctant exerciser, tired, too loud, too quiet, and sometimes somewhere in between.

None of these things define me.

I’m a Whovian, a Trekkie, a Zombie Apocalypse hopeful (The Walking Dead, not World War Z species), a Whedonite, and a lover of the Winchester brothers.

I snort when I laugh.

I read good Young Adult fiction. You’ll see no vampire-faerie love stories here.

I’m English, but speak it with an Australian accent until my parents come to visit and then I’m bidialectal (hello, John Barrowman!). I suffer no end of teasing from my hubby and kids when this happens.

The rest, I’ll let you discover for yourselves.



5 thoughts on “About Jay

  1. And you’re loved for being ALL those things and much more!

    Question though – I know what a Whovian is [Dr Who], a Trekkie and a Zombie Apocalypse hopeful but…..I had to Google what a Whedonite was! LOL

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